Plan the Delivery Route

Backyard consultation from Tampa Bay Hot Tubs Brandon FL

  • Check the width of the gates, doors and sidewalks to make sure your spa will pass through unobstructed. You may have to remove a gate or part of a fence to allow for adequate width clearance.
  • We can turn the spa on its side, so a 42″ wide gate will generally accommodate most spa sizes.
  • If the deliver route will require a 90 degree turn make sure there is room to make the turn.
  • Are there protruding gas meters, water meters or A/C units in the way.
  • Are the low eaves, branches, or rain gutter that may get in the way. What about your wife’s favorite rose bush!
  • And last but not least, stairs. It’s not easy getting an 800 pound spa up or down stairs. It can be done, but it may require special planning. Sometimes a crane will be necessary to place the spa.
  • In most cases, we can get a spa where you want it but it may require some preplanning. As you can see, we must communicate!

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