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I will go over the general requirements for wiring a hot tub, however this part of the spa installation must be left to the professional!

Most hot tubs require a 240 Volt, 40, 50 or 60 Amp power supply to operate them. This is similar to the wiring that is required to run an electric clothes dryer, air conditioner system, welder, or an electric stove. You don’t plug a hot tub into the average light socket. They require some serious wiring! Some of the very small hot tubs can run off of a 120 Volt source, but these won’t be the big fancy model that your husband wants.

Electrical wiring should be left to a qualified electrician and is not a project for the average homeowner. You spa dealer can recommend qualified electricians or you can find many qualified electricians in the yellow pages. You can also ask your local building supplier.

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