How to Buy a Hot Tub

How to Buy a Hot Tub

Start the Journey to Find Your Hot Tub

How to Buy a Hot Tub

Start the Journey to Find Your Hot Tub

You’re ready to improve your life and your home with a hot tub, but you’re not sure where to start your search. You might have questions, like, “How much will it cost? What features are am I looking for?” To answer these questions and more, Hot Spring Spas created a Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide — a simple, printable guide that guides you through every step of shopping for a hot tub. The guide takes you through the following:



Spa Basics

  • Initial questions you should ask yourself
  • Hot tub water care basics
  • Discovering what hot tub features matter to you
  • What to look for in spa filtration systems
  • Estimating your monthly operating costs

Buying Advice

  • Selecting a hot tub brand
  • Finding a hot tub model
  • How to avoid common hot tub buying mistakes

Here is a checklist of things to consider:

  • Learn about the spa’s specific features, quality of components, ease of use and maintenance.
  • When the spa is not in use, does the water always remain hot and clean?
  • Do the jets and jet systems allow you to customize your hydro massage experience?
  • Ask about the filtration system; is the water filtered 24 hours a day?
  • Can you adjust the filtration cycles to meet your needs?
  • Is the heating and filtration system automatic?
  • Are the spa controls user-friendly?
  • How is the seating configured; are you able to move about easily?
  • Get into the spa; does it feel comfortable to you without water?
  • Take a tub test soak to get the full effect.
  • Learn how the tub is constructed and its energy efficiency.
  • The components should be backed by the manufacturers warranty.
  • How long does the manufacturer been in business?
  • How long has the dealer been in business?
  • Does the dealer have local service or do they have to travel a long distance? This can be important in the middle of winter if your spa requires immediate attention.

How much should I spend? How much do you want to spend? There’s a hot tub for every budget! However, don’t kid yourself – compare apples to apples. You get what you pay for! A spa with a separate high efficiency filtration pump, full foam insulation, or multiple jet pumps will cost you more than a spa built without these features.

Beware of the inexpensive flashy no name spas sold by some of the big box variety stores. These spas are normally built to a price spec, not a quality specification. Who is going to service it? Service should be a major concern when you purchase a spa. When you buy a spa off the Internet or stores that don’t have factory trained technicians you’re gambling with a lot of money.

 Download Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide

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